Wellman Heritage Society Opening in June | Radio KCII

The Wellman Heritage Society will open its doors to the public from Wednesday, June 1 and will be open every Wednesday through October. Opening hours are from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and also by appointment.

Wellman Heritage Society Vice President Austin Bayliss provides insight for visitors: “As you walk through this museum, you will see many different eras of Wellman’s history. In the back room, we have a section dedicated to the Grand Théâtre. Many people don’t realize that Wellman had a movie theater for many years, from the early 1920s until 1958 when it caught fire and closed.

Bayliss shares what he loves about the museum: “One of the things I love walking around and seeing here is what I feel like lost art today. You walk through this museum and you see printed advertisements, whether on matchbooks, on calendars, mugs or glasses, and you just don’t see that much today. Everything has become digital or disposable and there’s just something good about walking around and seeing different companies and many of them that I’ve never heard of.

The Wellman Heritage Society is located at 228 8th Avenue. Learn more about Bayliss at a JJ Nichting Company In Touch with Southeast Iowa program at kciiradio.com.

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