Week 1 Power Rankings Roundup: Jaguars Often Found 32nd

Well that was ugly.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been licked in national media since the final whistle in Sunday’s 37-21 loss to the Houston Texans. For good reason too, since the Texans have been picked by all the major outlets to finish dead last in the NFL in 2021.

Instead, the Texans more or less mopped the floor with the Jaguars. The Jaguars looked more like the team the Texans were meant to be, allowing big plays at key moments, making fatal penalty errors and returning the ball in clusters.

As a result, it’s hard to find someone buying Jaguars stock before week two. The Jaguars didn’t just lose to the team chosen to be this year’s worst team; they’ve been outscored in all three phases of the game. As a result, it’s hard to find many publications singing the praises of the Jaguars in the Week 2 game against the Denver Broncos. At least that’s what this week’s Power Rankings Roundup shows.

So where does the national media see the Jaguars after Week 1? We take a look below.

Sports Illustrated – No. 32

Unlike other cases, the Texans haven’t received much credit for beating the Jaguars. Instead, the Jaguars open the season at No.32 after Week 1, while the Texans take their place at No.31. The Jaguars won’t have much to complain about after Sunday’s loss given the expectations. around Texans.

“Most of the college coaches who fail at the NFL level are lumped together, but the much-criticized Chip Kelly, for example, has never been so ill-prepared for an opening game. The Jaguars were beaten by the worst team. Their offseason staff strategy seemed to ignore many of the team’s fundamental issues in pursuing a lofty and ultimately difficult vision. Urban Meyer’s top offensive lieutenants, Darrell Bevell and Brian Schottenheimer, have both demanded generational defenses to see their core philosophies succeed. Jacksonville couldn’t slow down the pickup-heavy Texans. ”

ESPN – N ° 32

The Jaguars fell three places after the loss to Houston, dropping from No.29 to last of No.32. They essentially switched places with the Texans, who jumped from last place on the totem pole to no. ° 29 following their upheaval at the Jaguars’ home.

Lawrence threw for 332 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions on his NFL debut. He had six dropped passes, but was also wild on other throws. Most of his yards came after the crash. Jaguars 20 point delay late in the first half. He made some great throws on the TD pass tight toe Chris Manhertz and wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. Lawrence clearly has the goods, but there are areas for improvement. “

NFL.com – # 32

Another edition where the Jaguars drop three places – at No.32 – while the Texans take their place at No.29. This is more or less an indication that the Jaguars’ loss on Sunday was really so bad in terms of perspective. national, although the Texans are probably a better team than they are credited with in the media.

Trevor Laurent and Urban Meyer are not used to losing. It might be about to change after what we’ve seen sunday in houston. The 2021 Jags looked a lot like the 2020 version which ended the season with a 15-game losing streak. Turnovers, penalties, mental failures – it all ended in a 37-21 loss to a Texans team that is listed as one of the worst teams in football. And if so, where does that leave Jacksonville after week 1? Jaguars can only ride from here. “

USA Today – No. 32

If it all starts to work together, it’s hard to blame yourself. The Jaguars have once again moved from 29th to 32nd, behind teams such as the Lions (29), Giants (30) and Falcons (31). The Texans struggled a bit, however, dropping from 32nd to 27th place. The Texans have beaten the Jaguars in all three stages, so they’re probably a little better than many think.

Launderer Report – No. 32

The Jaguars were in 30th place at the start of the season, so they haven’t really fallen very far here. If anything, it shows us that expectations for the Jaguars entering the season weren’t exactly high, at least outside of Jacksonville. The Jaguars could have changed that with a win in Week 1, but instead reinforced it by losing convincingly.

“It’s not that the Jaguars lost in Houston on Sunday; we’re talking about a team that has now lost 16 regular season games in a row and was starting a rookie quarterback. But Jacksonville didn’t just lose. been waxed by a Team Texan is seen by most to fall somewhere between laughable and dismal. “

Yahoo! Sports – N ° 32

The Jaguars went from No.30 to No.32 after the Week 1 loss to Houston, but what is rather remarkable is how quickly it seems members of the national media have completely left the experience. Meyer. It’s too early to do that, but the Jaguars looked bad enough in week 1 to get that reaction from some people.

“Through all the silliness of the offseason with Urban Meyer, it was always just to wait and see how he fared in a game that mattered. And the Jaguars looked absolutely lost to a Texas team that was supposed to be the worst in the NFL. , the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL. And after a game, it’s clear they made a bad hire with Meyer. Maybe a bad hire all the time. The question is, how quickly are the Jaguars going to admit a mistake and move on? Hopefully that happens before they waste too much of Trevor Lawrence. “

CBS Sports – N ° 32

Pete Prisco rarely holds back punches and we see him in this week’s standings. It’s hard to find any misrepresentation in his assessment of the Jaguars, however, which makes it a reasonable ranking of the Jaguars at the bottom of the NFL over a week.

“It was a terrible performance in Houston. The defense is terrible and the offense did not fail to do enough. Urban Meyer has a lot of work to do.”

The Ringtone – N ° 32

Again, hard to blame the author for this ranking. The Jaguars came in 32nd, behind teams like the Texans (No.27), Lions (No.28), New York Jets (No.29), New York Giants (No.30) and the Atlanta Falcons (# 32).

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