Tweets about Brandon Jones’ brother Noah on “The Bachelorette”

Being on a reality show means that you are not only opening your life to fans, but you are also opening up the lives of your family. Take Brandon Jones from Michelle Young’s season The bachelorette, for example. The 27-year-old Portland native has stolen fans’ hearts from the start, but after meeting in his hometown on the November 30 episode, viewers are also thirsty for Brandon’s brother. These tweets about Brandon’s brother Noah on The bachelorette prove that social media is * very present * for the two Jones brothers.

Before fans fell in love with Noah, they – along with Michelle – began to fall in love with Brandon. The traveling recruiting nurse caught his eye early on in the process, and during their November 30 date, Michelle finally told Brandon that she was falling in love with him. And besides seeing a future with himMichelle said she could also see how her family would blend in with hers in the future.

Traveling to her hometown with Michelle, Brandon told her that she would meet her mom, dad and brother, Noah. What made the reunion so special – besides all that “being on national TV” stuff – was the fact that Noah wasn’t supposed to be there. According to Brandon, Noah was actually supposed to leave for the military, but he postponed his start date for the opportunity to meet Michelle… something Twitter wasn’t exactly buying.

It seemed that once viewers finally met Noah, however, they forgot about the whole “going to the army” thing and were instead distracted by how attractive they found him, as well as how attractive he was. genuine interest in knowing more about Michelle and her obviously strong. link with Brandon.

Indeed, viewers noticed a strong resemblance between the brothers. The only difference, according to Twitter, was Noah’s glasses, which somehow made the resemblance between the pair even more obvious to fans.

Regardless of what’s going on between Brandon and Michelle, it’s pretty clear that fans aren’t done with Noah yet. To hope that he will be chosen for a future season of The bachelorette for him to become a frontman of the show himself, it’s obvious fans don’t want to say goodbye to Brandon’s bespectacled brother.

The bachelorette continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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