The Republican debate in Hopewell spans local to national issues

The featured image above shows Carla Sands and Jeff Bartos debating in Fes in Hopewell Township
History of Curtis Walsh – Beaver County Radio. Published on May 3, 2022 at 11:10 p.m.

(Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania) The Beaver County Republican Committee hosted a primary debate Tuesday night at the Fez in Hopewell. The first candidates to take the stage were Senate candidates Jeff Bartos and Carla Sands. When asked what steps would be taken to expand school choice in Pennsylvania, Bartos said we shouldn’t have a federal Department of Education, adding that on day one if elected he would pressure for certain federal taxes to be used as tax credits. give parents and students the decision to choose a school of their choice. Sands believes the money should follow the child and parents decide where their child will thrive best. When asked to summarize his energy policy, Sands replied, “I’m in love with your cracker factory.” She added that energy is key to Pennsylvania’s future and will harvest our energy to supply the rest of the country. Bartos refuted that he agreed with Sands and would add that we also need to work to save family farms and agriculture in our states through energy royalties.

Gubernatorial candidates included Jake Corman, Charlie Gerow and Dr. Nche Zama. The candidates were asked about the impact the cracker factory tax credit legislation will have on Beaver County. Corman said the tax code can punish or reinforce, adding that Tom Wolf chose to punish and said we need to create more jobs and rebuild small towns. Gerow said Pennsylvania can support more facilities and we need to build before Ohio and West Virginia. Zama added that since he is a chemist, he recognizes the energy giant PA is and will be a nightmare for those who repel.

Candidates from the 17th congressional district who participated were Jeremy Shaffer, Jason Killmeyer and Kathleen Coder. Asked about legal immigration, Killmeyer said he would severely limit legal immigration until around 2030, adding that immigrants should not be used to fill job vacancies. Coder said the amount of guns and fentanyl crossing the border clearly shows that we need to put more laws in place. Shaffer said the current administration is failing us and we need to beef up border guards, shoot down drones and fix the broken immigration system. In conclusion, Coder, a native of Beaver County in Conway, said if elected, she would bring much-needed representation from Beaver County to Washington.

Guest speakers and event attendees included County Commissioner Dan Camp, Sheriff Tony Guy, Treasurer Sandie Egley, District Attorney David Lozier and House of Representatives No. 1 candidate Rico Elmore.

See photos from the event below:

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