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Overall radio ad volumes increased seven times in May 2022 compared to May 2020 and 5.7 times compared to May 2021. Radio ad volumes increased in all weeks of May 2022 compared to the same weeks in May 2021.

The TAM AdEx cross media – radio report for May 2022 revealed that compared to May 2021, the number of advertised categories increased by 51% in May 2022. Likewise, the number of advertisers and brands each tripled.

From the second position in 2021, the property or real estate category jumped to the first position in May 2022. There were more than 125 growing categories present in May 2022 on the radio. Facewash was the new entrant in the top 10 categories.

The top 10 categories contributed 51% of total ad volume, with hospitals or clinics and jewelers being the second and third largest categories, respectively. Properties or the real estate category saw the largest increase in listing volumes, up 12x from 2021. This was followed by jewelers with 35x growth.

Among advertisers, Vicco Laboratories led with 4% share of advertising volume, followed by Maruti Suzuki India and Kedia Real Estate with 2% share each. The top 10 advertisers accounted for 17% of ad volumes, with six of the 10 being new entrants to the list.

Vicco Turmeric Face Wash was the top brand in May 2022, followed by The Kunba and Vimal Pan Masala. In total, more than 2400 were present on the radio.

The report reveals the advertisement of real estate properties and categories on various media platforms. He also indicated the category’s growth and impact on each medium. Ad insertions of the properties and real estate category on digital media have increased more than five times in the two-year graph. On the other hand, advertising volumes on television have increased by 68% in two years.

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