Study shows women are disproportionately affected by oppressive heat

We all know that heat exposure can be dangerous.

A new study shows that women are disproportionately affected. Hot cities like Las Vegas may have to choose between controlling rising temperatures and decreasing water supplies.

The new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology investigated the effects of excessive heat in people living in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

The study found that more women have heat issues because more women work outdoors.

Lead author and research professor Erik Bandala said women are also more vulnerable to hyponatremia from drinking too much water.

“Drinking water is not enough to rehydrate. It is better to hydrate using electrolytes,” he said.

Climate change is reducing the difference between the high and low temperatures of the day. Bandala said these cities are also experiencing the “urban heat island effect”

“At night, all the heat that has been collected by buildings and paved surfaces is released into the atmosphere and cannot cool as much,” he said.

But planting more trees to combat this effect is problematic during a drought. A tough choice for hot city dwellers.

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