State patrol boats to help keep traffic flowing

Every year, traffic pours into the grounds of the Farm Progress Show during its three days. Getting more than 20,000 vehicles in and out a day can be a challenge, but safety is the No. 1 goal of the Iowa State Patrol.

“We will have 35 officers who will help move traffic safely and smoothly to the event,” said Sgt. Corey Champlin with the Iowa State Patrol. “We want everyone to realize that the more aware they are of their surroundings, the better off they will be.”

The patrol is working with surrounding agencies, Farm Progress Show representatives and the Iowa Department of Transportation to ensure all attendees enter and exit the show safely.

Pay attention

Champlin says the busiest time is the first two hours of the morning, when all the exhibitors are trying to get to the show to fill their booths, and the farmers are trying to get there to enjoy everything the show has to offer. has to offer.

“If you arrive early, be patient. Make sure you have your seat belt on and your phone is not in your hand,” he adds.

Delays are expected in early morning traffic, as well as when everyone starts to leave in the evening. While it’s easy to grab your phone to pass the time in traffic, he warns that it’s often when crashes and fender benders happen, which will slow traffic even further.

Near the fairgrounds is the United Community School, and Champlin says to be extra careful in that area when school buses and traffic enter and exit the school grounds. An officer will be on hand to help students and staff get in and out safely.

“We’re here to help get drivers where they need to go,” he says, adding that drivers must continue in the direction they are sent to reach their destination.

Detour and rerouting

North of the Farm Progress Show lot on Highway 17, the bridge over the train tracks will not be completed at the time of the show. The detour around this area is well marked and easy to follow.

Champlin says there will be an additional traffic lane in the park, which will also be well marked for travelers. Digital signs will provide any last-minute information to drivers.

“We suggest listening to local radio stations [WHO-AM radio] for traffic updates, especially in the morning, and visit the website to check any additional information before heading to the show,” says Champlin.

Traffic updates are expected on WHO-AM radio around 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and then again in the late afternoon to allow everyone to get in and out of the show quickly and safely. security.

“Weather permitting, we will have one of our planes watching the traffic from above,” he says. “That way we can make the necessary adjustments more quickly to smooth the traffic.”

Parking will be indicated by signs and agents will help direct participants to the appropriate areas in all directions.

For more traffic and parking information, visit

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