South Florida DJ Chico the Virgo celebrates 50 years on radio

PEMBROKE PARK, Florida – He’s one of the longest-running DJs in the country with roots in South Florida.

Hot 105’s Chico the Virgo celebrates 50 years on the radio waves.

Local 10 presenter Calvin Hughes spoke with Chico about his unique style and the key to a long career in broadcasting.

Chico’s improvised slogans between songs have been his trademark for decades.

“I have a lot of lines like that, because we all play the same music, but people listen to me because they never know what I’m going to say,” he said. ” I do not practice. When I see a song’s intro, see how long I have to say and what I’m going to say.

Chico’s real name is Sylvester George Wesley Jr.

Wesley was born in Hollywood, Florida, and says he knew early on what he wanted to do.

“When I was a kid we had great radio personalities in South Florida, Rick with the Kick, the Mad Hatter, I was studying these guys,” he said. “I said to my mom, ‘I’m going to be on the radio someday, I want to be like these guys.'”

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It was only fitting that he had found a name that rhymes, just for radio.

“I had a cousin named Chico who lived in Dania, and when they moved to where I lived they started calling me Chico’s cousin,” Wesley said. “So, around the time I got into high school, I was just Chico. Astrology was very important back then, so I thought Chico, and I’m a Virgo. And I thought of Chico the Virgin on the radio.

His radio career began in Tallahassee, but for decades Hot 105 has been his home.

List of Favorite Wesley and Musical Celebrity Moments are names you would definitely see in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“Betty Wright, LL Cool J, Chris Rock, Heavy D, Bobby Womack,” Wesley said.

He says the internet and social media have forever changed the radio landscape and reduced the importance of DJs.

Regarding the key to sustainability, Wesley said, “Stick to your goal. The goal is to serve.

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