Silver for SCA’s studio at the NY Festivals Advertising Awards

The Studio at SCASCA’s commercial creative services division, won a prestigious 2022 New York Festivals Silver Award for its first global campaign for Australian Ethics which features an audio logo made entirely of whale songs.

The silver medal was awarded to The Studio for Best Use of Audio/Radio for Social/Environmental Good: Brand.

The NYF Advertising Awards recognize excellence in execution, craftsmanship and creativity. Entries were submitted by 60 countries and judged worldwide by panels of over 450 industry peers in their respective industries.

The audio logo and accompanying musical bed were designed as part of an audio advertising campaign for Australian Ethical, created to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference last year, emphasizing on the fight against climate change in the world.

The company uses all royalties generated from the music for the direct benefit of ocean conservation charities.

SCA National Studio Manager, Luke Parsonsaid, “We are very honored to win a silver medal at the New York festivals. The Australian Ethical audio campaign is a great example of SCA’s creative difference. Thom Wood and Studio’s Matt Dickson have created a powerful brand asset that n It’s not just philanthropic, giving back to the world’s oceans, but has generated incredible customer results, which is why more and more companies are building innovative audio brands with SCA.

The Studio at SCA Sydney Creative Director and Composer, Thomas Woodsaid, “The aim of Australian Ethical is to keep people focused on the future of our planet. It made perfect sense to use whale song as a musical device to not only help people remember the campaign, but also to keep it focused on the environment. Showing people how beautiful a whale can be is a great way to do that. Realizing that the entire musical bed could be created from samples of whale songs was a revelation.

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