Shinedown Defends St. Louis Radio Personality From Shameful Body “Trolls”

BROKEN defended a Missouri radio personality after the body of commentators embarrassed him and told him to lose weight.

Ashley “Lux” Mohr of Saint-Louis radio 105.7 The point was interviewing Brent Smith of BROKEN, the acclaimed rock band behind 16 number one singles on the Billboard Chart Mainstream Rock, until Sunday (September 19) Pointfest when online commentators started shaming her, telling her to “lose a few pounds” and saying she had “let go”.

Lux, who hosts one of the top-rated radio shows in Saint-Louis, took to IGTV to appeal to body-shamers accumulating 10,000 views and over 1,000 supporting comments. BROKEN quickly followed by a message to them, calling her “the most beautiful lady inside and outside of BUSINESS”.

Lux wrote in part: “It’s so bizarre that in the dark and weird corners of the basement, men analyze my body. My bag of flesh. When I have no idea of ​​existence… being said, I am a confident woman who has had her issues with ED Due to my support system, therapy and psychiatrist these comments sound like [clowns] honk their noses. BUT many women and even I on a bad day could be seriously affected by comments like these. These are damaging statements.

“I worry about the daughters and sons these trolls are raising. I worry about the women they date or marry. I’m sorry for their parents, I can’t make them so proud if you spend your days. in the comments section of a local radio station talking about a DJ’s body. It would annoy me, if I knew someone like that, let alone uplift them.

“Stop the shitty clown behavior and go literally do anything else productive with your fucking day. The drop of pathos stinks on you.”

Black-smith forbidden Lux in one of her own posts, writing: “You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out. We have known each other for a long time and I have always admired how strong you are, mind, body and soul. Love you girl”.

For decades, the media have broadcast unrealistic images of the appearance of the female body. In recent years, social media has taken body shame to a new level, with actresses and performers faced with trolling and criticism online when they fail to conform to the expected norm.

Lux hopes to dissuade people from judging other people’s bodies and says she felt good in her outfit and will continue to wear what she wants – and others should do the same.

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