Radiocentre Ireland showcases the power of radio in a national campaign

Pictured: Ciaran Cunningham, Radiocentre Ireland

Radiocentre Ireland has launched a new national advertising campaign which will run on outdoor, social, digital, print and radio.

The campaign pokes fun at the tech giants by highlighting the many benefits offered by radio. One treat, called “Cookies,” asks the narrator to introduce an exciting new technology when interrupted by an automated voice saying “Accept cookies.” Another commercial, “Influencer,” hears the narrator describe the radio as “the original influencer, with over 3.6 million real subscribers.

Digital and outdoor activities are leading with “Unskippable. Unblockable. Unbeatable”, adding that “brands stand out with radio advertising“.

According to Radiocentre Ireland, the popularity of radio is stronger than ever, with more than 91% of the population listening to the radio each week, with the average adult listening to the radio for more than four hours a day. The popularity of radio is also reflected in its revenue figures, with the sector achieving revenues of €145 million in 2021, representing more than 16% of the total advertising market.

Radiocentre Ireland CEO Ciarán Cunningham said: “Because radio has been around so much longer than new advertising technology, sometimes people need to be reminded of what an amazing medium radio is. If radio were invented as a new technology today, we would all be impressed with its reach, engagement and advertising effectiveness,” says Ciaran Cunningham, CEO of Radiocentre Ireland.

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