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Acquisition of rights

One Media iP Group Plc (AIM: OMIP), the acquirer, publisher and distributor of digital music rights, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the producer royalties on three Heatwave albums produced by the legendary producer of discs Barry Blue: ‘Too Hot To Handle’ (1976), ‘Central Heating’ (1978) and ‘Current’ (1982) (“Acquisition”).

One of the UK’s most respected musicians – songwriter, producer and artist Barry Blue , sold his producer royalties to iconic 1970s disco band Heatwave, including the hits’The Groove line‘(1978),’ Always and Forever ‘(1976),’ Mind-Blowing Decisions ‘(1978) and the Global Smash Sold to a Million’Boogie evenings‘(1976), credited as one of the defining songs of the disco era.

The Acquisition was carried out as part of One Media’s innovative strategy Harmony IP equity release program, One Media will use its “Technical Copyright Analysis Tool” (TCAT) to monitor Barry Blue songs with Heatwave in 600 digital music stores around the world, 24 hours a day.

One Media recently entered into similar agreements with Take that producer Ian levine and Club Culture record producer Steve levine. In May 2021, the Company has acquired more than 250 songs from 80s pop star Kid Creole and the Coconuts.

The acquisition was financed from the Company’s existing cash resources. The Acquisition is in line with management’s expectations and the Company’s business plan.

Barry Blue mentionned: “I am extremely proud of my work with Heatwave and look forward to working with One Media iP to ensure that the legacy and integrity of the catalog is preserved and sustained in the best possible way, using TCAT technology from OMIP which is extremely impressive. . It’s hard to believe that I am now looking at a career of over 50 years, and with this new partnership, I hope to ensure that my music will be heard for generations to come.

“It is important that I do everything I can to protect and promote the legacy of my music. It’s a lifelong job and I’m immensely proud. The partnership with One Media will provide access to their advanced royalty tracking software.

Michel Infante, CEO of One Media iP said: “Barry Blue has created a body of work over the past 50 years as a songwriter, producer and artist that few can match. Our agreement with its Heatwave catalog will ensure that its heritage is protected and preserved for many years to come. ”

The person who organized the disclosure of this information is Michel Infante, CEO of the company.


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About One Media iP Group Plc

One Media is an acquirer, publisher and distributor of digital music rights. The Group specializes in the purchase and monetization of intellectual property rights with proven and recurring revenue streams. One Media adds value to its content by maximizing its availability in more than 600 digital stores around the world, including Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and Spotify.

One Media’s music is also widely used for syncing in film and TV, while its video content is mostly viewed on YouTube where One Media operates over 20 YouTube channels as a certified partner. In addition his TCAT copyright and digital music infringement audit tool software is used daily with major record companies and the world leader in international digital distribution. Men & Motors, its branded car channel is now available via Wi-Fi enabled smart TVs through its website and YouTube.

One Media is listed on the London Stock Exchange on the AIM Index, under the symbol “OMIP”.

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About Barry Blue

One of the UK’s best-selling talents as a songwriter, producer and pop star, Barry Blue has sold over 45 million records, recorded around 50 hits worldwide, and recorded over half a billion streams.

Barry Blue was first spotted by a youngster Tim Rice, who worked for Cliff Richard’s manager, Norrie Paramour, in 1963, after winning a TV show, at the age of just 13.

Barry was officially the bassist for the band “Spice”, which later became “Uriah Heep”. He then went to work with the Bee-Gees to advance his songwriting, before scoring five UK hits as a solo artist in the early 1970s. Other songwriting successes included the hit hit Lynsey n ° 1 by Paul “Sugar Me” (1972), Toto Coelo “I Eat Cannibals” (1982) and Five Star “All Fall Down” (1985), and the top 3 “Escaping” of Dina Carroll, in 1996.

Blue’s production career has included working with Diana ross, Celine Dion, Bananarama, Andrea Bocelli, Saturdays and Pixie Lott.


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