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The Portsmouth FM license will not be pre-announced as previously announced by Ofcom following the discovery of a clerical error.

The license, currently owned by Nation Broadcasting and operated as Hits Radio under license from Bauer, was to be issued for a 12-year term in 2014, but was instead marked as a seven-year license.

RadioToday has informed Ofcom and Nation Broadcasting of the potential error resulting from a statement today indicating that Ofcom is withdrawing the pre-advertisement notice and is halting the license renewal process with immediate effect.

The statement reads as follows:

“It was brought to the attention of Ofcom that, following a clerical error when granting the existing license in 2015, it was inadvertently granted for a term of seven years ( expiring on July 31, 2022), rather than for a term of 12 years. as shown in the new 2014 advertisement for this license.

“In these circumstances, Ofcom considers it appropriate to correct this error, subject to the licensee’s agreement, by varying the license to extend its term until July 31, 2027, as initially planned.

“Therefore, Ofcom is withdrawing the pre-advertisement notice and discontinuing the license renewal process with immediate effect from the date of publication of this notice.

“From this date, we will therefore no longer accept declarations of intent and we will fully reimburse all deposits already paid to Ofcom for any declaration of intent received by Ofcom before the date of this notice. . “

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