Natural Diamond Council Launches New Edition of ASSURE 2.0 Program Online Portal

See the latest devices tested, learn more about our latest showcase, and learn how to submit your diamond verification instrument for testing.

NEW YORK and LONDON, November 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) has announced the launch of the new ASSURE 2.0 online portal. The updated portal allows all buyers of diamond testing instruments to browse the directory, understand the features and analyze the results of the new ASSURE test series.

Each diamond verification instrument has unique benefits and deciding which device to buy can be a daunting task. The ASSURE program represents the ultimate regime for testing diamond verification instruments, providing everyone in the diamond industry with objective data when considering the purchase or use of a specific DVI.

The ASSURE Portal 2.0 and Directory features DVI test results on an updated ASSURE sample of natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants in a range of sizes. This ASSURE sample has been carefully selected to reflect products currently in circulation on the market, as well as individual stones that anticipate future trends and pose some of the greatest challenges to diamond testing instruments. The program also includes testing of diamond jewelry, with both open and closed mounted stones included in the testing regime.

An improved ASSURE 2.0 directory filtering system makes it easy for buyers of diamond verification instruments to review instruments based on their primary needs: types of diamonds used, volumes of diamonds processed, device size, level of expertise required, etc. In terms of reading the results, the key metrics to analyze are: false positive rate (the optimal false positive rate for diamonds is 0% when no synthetic diamond – or diamond simulant – is classified as diamond natural) ; Diamond referral rate (optimal diamond referral rate is 0% when no diamond is referred for further testing); and Diamond Accuracy (optimal diamond accuracy is 100% when all diamonds are correctly graded as diamonds).

The new portal also provides more details about the ASSURE 2.0 program as well as general information on how to protect the integrity of the diamond pipeline. Access to previously released test results will be maintained in a separate ASSURE 1.0 repository for reference.

The Natural Diamond Council will also continue to support national and local initiatives to promote the use of diamond verification instruments and hold live showcases.

The last such event took place in London and run away from June 20 until July 29, organized by the London Diamond Bourse. It offered members of the diamond and jewelry trade the opportunity to try out many of the diamond verification instruments available today. Visitors also learned more about diamond verification instruments and how to protect the integrity of their pipeline from the independent gemologist. Charlotte Rose.

“Central to consumer protection is the ability to distinguish between natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants. The success of the ASSURE showcase in London demonstrates the shared commitment to ensuring consumer confidence in the jewelry industry. The UK has taken a strong stance on this, which is positive for the natural diamond industry. This is a positive development that will move the industry forward in a way that will benefit everyone.” David KellyCEO, Natural Diamond Council

“We were delighted with the participation of trade and independent jewelers, many of whom traveled across the county and from overseas to attend. Feedback received was positive with many commenting on the wide variety of machines available for s “suitable for all sizes of organization and budget. We expect to see an increase in the prevalence of diamond verification instruments in the UK jewelery trade through the ASSURE storefront.” Alain CohenChairman, London Diamond Bourse

“Building the industry’s ability to properly verify natural diamonds and ensure pipeline integrity is critical to protecting consumer trust, and all players in the supply chain must take this responsibility.” Raluca AnghelExternal Affairs and Industry Relations Manager, Natural Diamond Council

Manufacturers of diamond testing instruments are invited to submit now both new instruments and existing instruments that have already been tested but whose ASSURE Tested certification expires after their 2-year validity mark. We also encourage all associations interested in supporting our mission and partnering with us to host ASSURE program showcases to contact us.

Find the list of instruments tested ASSURE here.
ASSURE Program Contact [email protected].
For strategic collaborations, please contact [email protected]

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About the Natural Diamond Council (NDC)

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) inspires and educates consumers about the amazing world of natural diamonds through its Only Natural Diamonds platform. The platform is the authoritative publisher on all things natural diamonds, including celebrities and pop culture, epic diamond and jewelry trends, engagements and weddings, and diamond buying guides. diamonds.

The NDC supports the integrity of the natural diamond industry by providing transparency and insight into the industry’s progress and commitments to further improvement. NDC is a global organization with member activities spanning four continents and ten countries, including Canada, South Africaand Botswana. Their operations support the livelihoods of 10 million industry employees and their families around the world.

The NDC operates in the United States, China, IndiaWATER and Europe.

About the ASSURE Program

The ASSURE program is a testing program for diamond verification instruments, offering

reliable, third-party approved information to support purchasing decisions. A diamond

Verifier is a device used to separate and/or identify diamonds from synthetics

diamonds. They are also known as synthetic diamond screening devices or synthetic diamond detection devices.

The ASSURE program is designed to protect consumers, maintain consumer confidence and preserve the integrity of the natural diamond supply chain.

The ASSURE program evaluates the relative performance of diamond verification instruments available on the market and the results can be seen in the ASSURE Directory.

About the London Diamond Bourse

The London Diamond Bourse (member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses) is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in the United Kingdom. Our members subscribe to and are bound by our historic code of conduct which includes integrity, moral obligation, the highest business standards and best business practices. The London Diamond Bourse is recognized by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a trading organization.

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