Mushroom Council partners with Food Network to promote mushroom / meat mix


SHORES OF REDWOOD, CALIF. – The Mushroom Council has partnered with the Food Network to showcase The Blend, a cutting-edge culinary technique of mixing finely chopped fresh mushrooms with minced meat for burgers and other highly nutritious, delicious and delicious dishes. sustainable.

“It is estimated that the Food Network campaign will reach over 90 million impressions this year, keeping mushrooms in mind and moving us closer to making The Blend the default choice for burger lovers,” said Sonya Beltran, president of the Mushroom Council and operations manager of Masda Mushrooms / First Generation Farms in Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania.

Launched on May 3 and continuing throughout the summer, the multimedia collaboration with Food Network is one of the largest partnerships ever undertaken by the Mushroom Council.

The Mushroom Council’s 2021 partnership with Food Network targets a mass consumer audience and presents:

  • The Mixed Burger Contest encourages people from across the country to enter their own Mixed Burger Recipe at The competition will have two components: one for home cooks and one for professional chefs, cooks or caterers. Each category will award $ 10,000 to the best recipe entry.
  • A mix of burgers and a special recipe booklet in Food Network Magazine. In subscriber mailboxes and in retail stores by May 18, the June burger-themed issue of Food Network Magazine will feature a special recipe book titled “Secret Ingredient: Mushrooms.” This slide-out recipe book features mushrooms in a range of mushroom and meat mix recipes, including tacos, dan dan noodles, and chili and lettuce wraps.
  • The Mixed Burgers Recipe video featuring Food Network’s Kardea Brown custom mixed burgers recipe, “Kardea Brown’s Southern Mushroom-Beef Burgers,” will appear on the Food Network website, the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well. than on Brown’s own Instagram page.
  • Newsletter promotions with calls for competitions featured in Food Network’s widely read e-blasts.
  • Digital ads appearing on Food Network websites and social media pages.
  • The Mushroom Council will present its very first television advertising campaign. Starting in June, a 15-second commercial for the Mushroom Council will air across the network’s entire schedule. Ads will tout the mushrooms, showcase The Blend, and encourage entry into the Blended Burger contest.


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