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Have your say: share your top money-saving tips, from energy bills to weekly shopping (Image: GETTY)

You can add your voice to the tens of thousands of comments posted daily on and have your say on the big issues facing the country today.

Saving money is likely a priority for many Britons as the cost of living crisis continues to soar.

The UK has been bombarded with rising costs in recent months, from fuel to energy bills, grocery stores and even rental prices.

From October 1, the energy price cap has risen to £2,500, meaning energy costs are likely to rise for most households.

Budgeting has never been more crucial, with advice from experts and in-the-know Brits being shared on social media.

To keep costs down, experts advised the best time to charge your phone, reminded us to turn off power-hungry devices to avoid excessive energy bills, and even suggested the best thermostat temperature.

There are small steps anyone can take to limit their energy use, cut grocery store costs, or just save some extra money – so what are your top money-saving tips?

Whether it’s ways to keep your home warm without turning on the heat, the best times to go to the supermarket, or even the best loyalty card programs you can take advantage of, you can leave your top tips in the comments section. below.


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