MN employers could face sick leave

A bill passing through the Minnesota legislature would require employers to provide one hour of paid sick and safety time for every 30 hours worked. Workers could earn up to 48 hours a year and carry over up to 80 unused hours from year to year.
Representative Liz Olson says 16 states have adopted similar policies. She said the cost to the employer would be 0.75% of the labor cost.
The bill would cover employees working at least 80 hours a year for an employer. Sick and safety time earned would accrue immediately and could be used after 90 days of work.
Republicans believe the proposed legislation would hurt businesses, especially small businesses. Employers would not be required to pay for sick and safety leave acquired upon termination of employment.
The bill was passed 69-62 by the House and sent to the Senate.

Allowable uses for sick and safe periods would be:
… the mental or physical illness, treatment or preventive care of an employee;
…the care of a sick family member or a family member in need of preventive care or treatment;
…absence related to domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment of an employee or family member;
…the closure of an employee’s workplace or a family member’s school or daycare due to weather conditions or a public emergency; and
…a determination by a health care provider that an employee or family member is at risk of infecting others with a communicable disease.

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