Meta will create a customer service division to help people who have lost their accounts

Meta is finally tackling a problem that has long vexed users: its lack of customer support. Bloomberg that Meta is now planning to create a customer support division, which can help users “whose posts or accounts have been unexpectedly deleted”.

Meta’s plans are apparently still in the “early stages”, so it’s not yet clear when the new services will be available. According Bloomberg, Meta’s plans were at least partially guided by input from its oversight board, which handles user requests to appeal the company’s content decisions. The board has repeatedly said that Meta should be more transparent in how it communicates with users about its decisions.

Adding customer service representatives who can actually speak with users could solve a long-standing headache for many. Currently, users who lose access to their accounts – whether through hacks or wrongful suspensions – have few options available to recover them. The company has an appeals process, as well as , but both can be tricky to navigate. The tools are so confusing and often ineffective that desperate users sometimes resort to other means, such as hiring or even to try to recover their accounts. They often implore leaders and journalists on social media to help them track down their accounts.

But with real customer support, frustrated Facebook and Instagram users would finally have a meta-sanctioned resource to turn to. The company did not share details on how the customer service division would operate or be eligible for help.

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