McIntosh Unveils Brilliantly Retro AM/FM Tuner With Famous Power Meters

Despite the boom in music streaming, 50 million adults in the UK still do not listen to the radio. In an effort to capitalize on this, McIntosh unveiled an all-new AM/FM tuner.

The new MR89 AM/FM tuner promises to “maximize the sound quality of AM/FM broadcasts” with a host of fine adjustments, from sensitivity and separation to signal-to-noise ratio.

Just like the current MR87, the new MR89 features the American hi-fi giant’s proprietary radio frequency (RF) circuitry. McIntosh believes the technology can pick up ultra-strong FM signals from nearby stations, which can overload lesser tuners. The result? Extremely low distortion.

Placement of the AM RAA2 (wired) antenna should be a breeze thanks to the advanced signal quality monitor, which displays detailed multi-path noise levels. Useful information when you’re standing in a chair, waving the antenna around looking for that elusive “sweet spot”.

McIntosh MR89 AM/FM Tuner

(Image credit: McIntosh)

There’s no DAB here, and no option to stream internet radio stations, meaning the MR89 is strictly aimed at AM/FM enthusiasts (in the UK, anyway). It does, however, offer the ability to store over 20 preset stations, as well as the usual analogue and digital outputs.

Design-wise, it’s all very McIntosh, with a black glass front panel and stainless steel chassis. This time around, the famous green-lit power meters have been modified to show the radio signal being delivered. Clever.

McIntosh has an impressive tuner track record, making some of the best models of the 1970s, so we have high hopes for the MR89. But at £6,800 (around $8,300 / AU$12,000) it’s not cheap.

McIntosh dealerships are now accepting pre-orders, with shipping expected to begin later this month in the United States and Canada. The rest of the world will follow “soon after”.


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