Maestro Media Partners with Global Tabletop Game Consulting Firm All About Games for Global Expansion


This unprecedented partnership follows All About Games’ successful global expansions of Maestro Media’s The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem, resulting in the localization and production of the game for eleven new territories.

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Maestro Media Partners with Global Tabletop Game Consulting Firm All About Games for Global Expansion

Maestro Media Partners with Global Tabletop Game Consulting Firm All About Games for Global Expansion

Los Angeles, California, October 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today, Maestro Media, the first full-service strategic product and business development company of its kind specializing in publishing innovative tabletop games, has officially announced its partnership with All about games, a consulting firm dedicated to the international table and board game markets, to help expand the international reach, sales, localization, manufacture and distribution of Maestro Media, and to help further develop the business for create a greater impact on the table games market.

All About Games initially partnered with Maestro Media to help find localization partners for Maestro’s massive success The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem Kickstarter campaign, which generated over $ 6.7 million, becoming one of the twenty highest performing Kickstarter campaigns of all time. All About Games secured the game’s placement in eleven territories, generating $ 1 million in additional sales. Due to the massive success of this initial partnership, Maestro Media and All About Games have decided to expand the partnership to help continue Maestro’s international growth and expansion.

“Thanks to the incredible and experienced team behind All About Games, we have been able to achieve international growth that we would not otherwise have seen around The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls RequiemSaid Javon Frazier, Founder and CEO of Maestro Media. “The success of our initial collaboration is only just beginning, as our massive partnership will include many exciting projects launched around the world each year, and the most important part for us – a quality working relationship and collaboration – has been already proven to be unprecedented. Our two teams have already started to embark on future projects with the aim of making Maestro a true fixture in the global table games industry.

“We are delighted to partner with Maestro Media to help develop and share their unique success story,” said Cedric Delobelle, Managing Director of All About Games. “They trust us to help them revolutionize their brand internationally and to guide and manage their global development, and we could not be more proud to be on board such a quality team. We look forward to helping transform them into one of the biggest players in the industry. “

The partnership will focus on Maestro Media’s international expansion through growing marketing as well as strategizing and executing the global manufacture and distribution of Maestro’s game catalog. As part of its upcoming list of projects, Maestro Media will work with All About Games to continue expanding popular game IPs, including Umbrella academy, tapeworm, Sugar Crack, and The Binding of Isaac, with many more in the works. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem is expected to be released in 2022.

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About Maestro Media
Founded by veteran digital strategist and serial entrepreneur Javon Frazier, Maestro Media is a full-service strategic business and product development company focused on innovation and growth in games, commerce, media and technology. . Maestro Media works with creators and entrepreneurs to deliver experiences and products directly to consumers through promotion and positive brand sentiment, and provides their clients with the tools to meaningfully and positively connect with and have an impact on consumers. Maestro Media has extensive cross-industry expertise spanning all areas of the media and entertainment industry including board games, video games, e-commerce, film and television, publishing, web and web. mobile. With expertise in product development, launch marketing and multi-channel distribution, combined with a full range of services including product design and development, marketing execution, growth marketing, retail distribution and lifecycle management, Maestro Media offers its clients turnkey solutions to retain long-term clients. Maestro Media is also a leader in the crowdfunding world with notable experience in delivering record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns, with previous projects raising over $ 15 million in total funding. For more information, visit

About all about viewing games
We are the only existing consulting company specializing in board games. With over 65 years of combined industry experience and knowledge, we have the skills to reliably bring board game products to market. Our founders are renowned industry veterans: Carol Rapp, Cedric Delobelle and Daniel Steel. Each of them brings a wealth of talent and expertise to the consulting firm, enabling us to assist you in everything from manufacturing and distribution to marketing and business development strategy. At All About Games Consulting, we are passionate about encouraging growth in the board game industry. We use our expertise to empower our clients and help them become experts in their local market themselves, while helping them access international partners. Providing an external and impartial perspective on our partners’ businesses allows us to leverage our years of experience to coach their leaders and improve their performance – whether they are industry mainstays or complete newcomers. All About Games Consulting provides solutions and advancements to our clients to help them achieve their goals within the larger tabletop gaming community. For more information, visit



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