Local Radio Host Reflects After Returning From Poland – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A local radio station has returned from the Ukrainian-Polish border on a mission to document the experiences of people there. He spoke with NBC 5 about what he now calls a life-changing experience.

Sonny Delfyette said he experienced a major change. His perspective on what it means to be in a community hasn’t been the same since returning from Poland.

“I just felt the love from these people, the acceptance from these people who have nothing,” Delfyette said.

Delfyette, host of FM 90.0 KCBI radio, traveled with Texas Baptist men to Polish shelters to document how the organization’s resources are used to help Ukrainian refugees. It was a mission like no other.

“I was very worried when we got there,” he said. “I mean you’re flying in a war zone.”

Once there, however, attention shifted to the people whose lives were turned upside down. The closer the shelter was to Ukraine, the more desperate the circumstances.

“They just arrived. And it’s fast. It’s 400 people. It’s bed by bed by bed. 200 can stay, 200 can have a hot shower and a meal,” said Delfyette of one shelters.

There was also hope for what was possible beyond what they had just escaped. Delfyette said Ukrainians were eager to help themselves and others once they reached safety.

In his stories, people will see the efforts of the Texas Baptist Men – the shelters, the food, the clothing provided. Beyond that, Delfyette wants people to see the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

“There’s a Ukrainian who said, ‘I need something to do.’ He cuts down trees to help build whatever they want to build,” Delfyette said. “They wanted to help themselves. They said give us the supplies, we will help ourselves. I will never forget him.

For more information on Texas Baptist Men’s efforts, visit https://www.tbmtx.org/

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