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YouTube Originals, new docuseries in four parts Cold ice – the first of which is today – uses the prism of hip-hop jewelry to explore deeper issues around racial inequality and the American Dream, but it didn’t exactly start that way. Director Karam gill tells ABC Audio that the original idea behind the project was to use jewelry as an entry point to explore hip hop.

“Hip hop has been explored through fashion, it has been explored through so many different avenues, but not specifically jewelry,” shares the LA-based filmmaker. “The project ended up where it is now over time. This story has become less about flash and price. It’s so much deeper.

“… You start to realize ‘Wow, this is actually a conversation about the American Dream … the perception of people based on where they are from or the economic reality they’re from and how our society perceives people, ”he explains.

Gill goes on to note how the pianist Release and actress Elizabeth taylor, both of European descent, were viewed differently for wearing elaborate jewelry compared to someone like the Jamaican rapper Rick Smooth. “Why is that? What does that say about us?” he asks.

While Ice Cold shines a light on some inequalities in society, it also delves into the hip hop subculture through a variety of different lenses – from the perspective of some of the genre’s biggest names like Migos, City girls, and little baby to the best famous jewelers like Ben baller and Johnny dang.

The overall purpose of the docuseries, however, is to “provide context”.

“I think people will appreciate it,” says Gill. “I don’t think people will dismiss rappers so much, hopefully, for speaking out.”

Ice Cold is available to stream on Migos YouTube channel.

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