“I can’t find anyone who wants to work! “

Sell ​​live radio with Pat Bryson

The number one problem businesses tell me today is finding people who want to work.

Sound familiar to you in Australia and New Zealand?

The additional federal dollars for unemployment have made it more profitable for people to stay at home than to work. Unfortunately, this means companies have had to change their hours of operation, days of operation, etc. because they didn’t have enough staff.

But this is the end! In some states, such as Oklahoma and Texas, the federal grant ends June 26. Already, driving on any street shows business after business with prominent “now hire” signs. By July 1, everyone is hoping that people will be looking for jobs.

Which brings us to the subject of this newsletter: the use of radio for recruitment advertising. In past years, recruitment advertisements made up a large portion of newspaper revenue. This is not the case today. Recruitment ads have migrated to the Internet. Sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Linked In or even Facebook take a good share of recruitment revenues.

Radio is a perfect recruiting tool. My experience has been that the person looking for a job is not always the person who hears the ad. Someone they know hears it and tells them. Word of mouth at its best. In fact, I hired people who told me that was the path they had taken.

How do we go about selling recruitment ads? Today, several areas are to be considered. Zone # 1 is any current customer you have. Chances are they are looking for people. Ask them. Bring them a plan. They already know and trust you, but they may never have thought of using your stations to recruit.

Zone # 2 is EVERYWHERE where you see a “hiring in progress” sign posted. Stop by and make an appointment to discuss with them how we can help them.

Zone 3 is the HR department of department stores. Human resources managers have a separate set of funds to use for hiring. This person is usually NOT the marketing manager you have dealt with in the past. It is now a question of identifying the HR person, making an appointment and knowing the types of positions available. It helps to make the connection BEFORE you hire. The key is to make it easy for them. HRDs, especially those who work for companies that have factories, face constant turnover of employees. When they have an opening, they should be able to email us or call us and place the order. Having arrangements made in advance makes it simple. Many stations set a predetermined schedule that is simply plugged in when needed. The copy of the ad will vary depending on the specific job posting.

We know there is a shortage of 60,000 truck drivers. Who in your area employs truck drivers? Chances are they will need it now! And what about truck driving schools? Even schools outside of your area may want to attract students.

Now is the perfect time for radio to shine in helping our customers staff, prepare for revenue clawback. Recruitment opens up a new area of ​​income for us. They win: we win: the country wins!

Pat has a new book

What will broadcast sales look like in the future? What new skills will we need to be successful? How the global business disruption in 2020 has changed the way we do business next year

Looking ahead to 2021, we need a strategic plan to recover lost revenue for our stations and for our customers. The ideas in this book will help you develop this plan.

Successful Broadcast Sales: Thriving in Change provides a clear and concise roadmap for understanding, accessing and living in our clients’ worlds to create successful campaigns. It explores how we must adapt our sales systems to be successful in an ever-changing business landscape. Knowledge is the key to success for us and for our clients as the New Year approaches.

This book takes a retrospective look at the 2o20 pandemic and presents a plan to adapt to the changes brought about by the new ways of doing business. It outlines a path forward to successfully navigate and thrive in change.

Inside you will find:

  • A sales system designed to accelerate the success of new hires and seasoned professionals
  • Understand the internal motivations that drive customers to buy from you
  • New ways to prospect, new categories of businesses, that will keep your sales pipeline full
  • Questions to find out what customers are thinking and planning for the years to come
  • Presentations designed to create long-term campaigns with high potential
  • Strategies to reduce attrition
  • New ways to hone your creative skills to produce relevant messages for business
  • Ways to integrate radio and digital advertising to achieve better results for customers
  • Wisdom from managers around the world on how to manage teams remotely
The ideas in this book will make money for you and your client! Add it to your sales library today!

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