Historic cave discovered in 1875 costs $3.4 million in Missouri



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A particular property has hit the real estate market in Versailles, Missouri for $3.4 million.

It’s a cave.

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Yes, a cave.

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Hidden north of the Lake of the Ozarks, Jacob’s Grotto is one of the state’s top tourist attractions, according to its website.

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“Jacob’s Cave is famous for its illusion of depth, reflecting pools, ceiling sponge work, prehistoric bones (mastodon, bear and peccary) and the largest geode in the world,” the description on the site reads. website. “On the 1.5 mile tour you will see every type of cave formation imaginable, from millions of ‘soda straws’ and from massive stalactites and columns to delicate helictites.

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According to the listing on Zillow.com, the cave was discovered by Jacob Craycraft in 1875 and has been an attraction in the state since 1932.

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The cave even caught the attention of the popular social media page Zillow gone wild and fans are intrigued.. but also make some pretty hilarious (and scary) movie comparisons.

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“A roadside attraction!” exclaimed a fan. “Just what I always wanted!”

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“I would have raves in the caves,” said another.

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“I wonder what insurance is for a cave?!?!” one person asked.

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“Either this is how Bruce Wayne got his escape cave back…or this is a mature horror movie waiting to happen,” another joked.

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“If that includes port-a-potties, I’m in,” one person said.

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“I’m buying all this for me,” another noted. “The potential for a secret hideout is too good to pass up.”

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“After watching ‘The Descent’, no no no,” one person said, referring to the 2005 horror film.

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“Has anyone seen ‘The Outsider’?…just to say…” said another, referring to Stephen King’s book-turned-TV series.

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And, last but not least, someone popped the question on everyone’s mind:

“I wonder how bank appraisers value CAVES. Do they have to find 3 comp caves to determine market value? »

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This story was originally published January 19, 2022 3:53 p.m.

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