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Signs Executive Order 21-13 establishing the Missouri Supply Chain Task Force

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – Today, Governor Mike Parson joined 14 other state governors in signing the Operation Open Roads initiative. Governors issued a joint statement committing to use their respective national authority to implement solutions that support supply chain efficiency, reduce regulatory bureaucracy and increase market access, in response to shortages of the country’s supply chain.

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In the joint statement, the governors also called on the Biden administration to suspend outdated regulations that weigh on commercial drivers, transportation and logistics players, and US manufacturing. The governors detailed specific ways the Biden administration can help these efforts:

  • Lower the age required for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from 21 to 18;
  • Suspend federal policies that discourage American manufacturing;
  • End COVID-19 vaccination mandates for private companies, especially in the trucking and transportation industry; and
  • Stop inflation inducing federal spending.

“Missourians, like many Americans, are deeply concerned about the increase in their grocery and energy bills, increasing delays for goods and services and soaring inflation threatening their paychecks.” Governor Parson noted.

To strengthen and support Missouri’s supply chains, Governor Parson today signed Executive Order 21-13 establishing the Missouri Supply Chain Task Force. The task force is tasked with bringing together public and private stakeholders from across the state to identify potential improvements and solutions to supply chain issues emerging in Missouri.

The task force is also responsible for involving neighboring states in its work in order to maximize inter-state coordination.

The task force will be co-chaired by the director of the Missouri Department of Transportation and the director of the Workforce Development Office. Any recommendation requiring legislative changes must be accelerated by the group before its dissolution on June 30, 2022.

“This is a national crisis that requires coordination at all levels of government and between public and private partners. By signing this decree and supporting this initiative, we recognize the threat and work to mitigate the negative impacts on Missourians ”, Governor Parson noted. “Missouri agencies and stakeholders have already begun to identify ways to improve and strengthen our transportation infrastructure and workforce, and this working group will complement and continue that work, while prioritizing solutions.” fast and meaningful. “

To view the Republican Governors’ Joint Initiative Operation Open Roads, see the attachment.

To consult Executive Decree 21-13, click here.

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