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The company trying to convince the FCC to change a rule that would allow radio stations to geographically target content and advertising to specific areas of their markets is calling iHeart. Is it fair to make this fight about iHeart? You decide.

GeoBroadcast Solutions sent a letter to the Commission stating that allowing stations to geo-target content, including advertisements, would put radio on a level playing field with all other media platforms.

Several radio companies and the NAB opposed the rule change request. They say the limited testing being done on the service has them concerned about possible interference and, if the rule change is approved, it would “fundamentally change the radio industry’s business model, reduce ad revenue and make it more difficult to buy.” of radio advertising“.

GeoBroadcast Solutions says the biggest voice behind opposition to their plan is iHeartMedia, but not for the reasons given above. GeoBroadcast says iHeart opposes it because iHeart’s AdBuilder platform already targets ads for advertisers. The letter to the FCC states that “iHeart’s AdBuilder invites new and existing advertisers to select the communities, on a map, where they wish to target their ads as one of the first steps in the process of creating an ad. . When an ad buyer creates their account, they are immediately asked, “Where do you want to reach people?” The letter goes on to detail how AdBuilder can help an advertiser geographically target their message.

GeoBroadcast says that in light of the service provided by iHeartMedia, the Commission should view its opposition to its request to change the rules with skepticism.

But iHeartMedia is not the only group opposed to this idea. NAB says “the vast majority of broadcasters” agree that if the FCC approves this rule change, it will almost certainly lead to lower ad rates and revenue as advertisers push to buy geo-ads. targeted. The NAB filed opposing comments HERE.

Connoisseur Media and Neuhoff Communications are also opposed to this plan (comments).
Urban One, Davis Broadcasting, Ohana Media Group and Riverfront Broadcasting oppose it. The Small Radio Broadcaster Coalition opposes it. There are several others as well.

While most broadcasters would agree that serving communities with great local content and helping advertisers attract customers is essential to their success, there is certainly less agreement on how to accomplish this. plan.

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