From now on enjoy radio while traveling in Shatabdi Express | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: Now passengers can enjoy radio on Shatabdi Express trains. Passengers traveling through Chandigarh, Ambala and Karnal to Delhi can listen to Ooka Shatabdi radio music and connectivity while in transit. The move aims to make the 3-hour and 15-minute journey pleasant and comfortable, Ambala Division Railway Manager Gurinder Mohan Singh said.
He said that for the first time, Ambala Division awarded the contract under Innovative Advertising through Ooka Radio in Shatabdi Express 12045/46, under the New Innovative Non-Tariff Revenue Ideas (NINFRIS) scheme .
Divisional Director of Railways Gurinder Mohan Singh said Ambala Division awarded the contract to provide entertainment to train passengers and give an idea of ​​the towns they pass through using Ooka radio service on 12045/46 Shatabdi Express from Ambala Division. With this, passengers will be able to listen to different types of music on the train.
The division’s senior business manager, Hari Mohan, said that this innovative idea from Ooka Ads is for radio advertising on 12045/46 Shatabdi Express trains, which originate from the Ambala division. The frequency of commercial advertisements will be 10 minutes per hour during the journey.
The remaining 45 minutes of the time slot will be divided into instrumental music, messages and animations and 5 minutes into railway announcements. He said the Ambala Division expects to derive considerable revenue from this initiative.
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