Free Webinar | October 29: How to scale and simplify expense management with a small finance team

With 82% of small businesses failing due to cash flow issues, you literally can’t afford not to have a clear idea of ​​your spending and expense management. While every business has its ups and downs, it’s much easier to adapt – and scale – when you have a clear understanding of how to manage your finances.


So how do you proceed if you are not an expert in accounting or have a large team to help you? You take advantage of the right tools and processes to help you take control of your cash flow, while being able to manage other aspects of your business.

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In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the tools and routines you need to manage and simplify your spending
  • Get a clear understanding of what you’re spending money on and identify opportunities for greater efficiency
  • Automate the payment process for suppliers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Avoid being surprised during tax season
  • Project revenue and total profit more accurately into the future

Hosted by Terry Rice, Business Development Expert in Residence at Entrepreneur. Rice will speak with Matthew Gartland, co-founder of Smart Passive Income, FuseBox and SPI Media. He currently leads functional areas including operations, finance, pricing, expense management, product and customer experience, and marketing and sales empowerment.

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