Extremely Local News: Secret Logan Square Restaurant Open to Public | Radio WGN 720

Jen SabellaChief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Block Club Chicago, joined Bob Sirott to share the latest stories from Chicago’s neighborhoods:

Could drivers in cycle paths receive a ticket if they are filmed? 2 aldermen reflect on this: Parking, driving or idling in bike lanes is subject to a $150 ticket, but drivers still do it. Aldes. Brendan Reilly and Andre Vasquez tweeted that they wanted to use video evidence to illegally crack down on drivers in bike lanes.

Logan Square has a secret restaurant in an 1880s church. Now it’s open to the public: Saint Emeric has operated in secret, only hosting private dinners and paid events — until now. The owners and executive chef have just opened the restaurant and performance hall to the public. “We’re just ready for more people to know.”

To learn more about Logan Square Skatepark, click here.

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