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Weighing 12 kg (26 lbs) and 23 liters, the AIR 3268 is the lightest and smallest Massive MIMO radio in the industry. With 200W output power, 32 transceivers and passive cooling, the radio weighs about 40% less than the previous generation, making it easy to install not only on towers and rooftops, but also on poles and the walls.

The radio will help accelerate the rollout of the 5G mid-band for communication service providers looking to increase capacity, coverage, speeds and mobile experiences for their subscribers.

Ericsson’s latest radio is 10% more power efficient than the previous generation, reducing the total power consumption added when introducing 5G on the mid-band. It also supports Ericsson’s unique Massive MIMO architecture and Uplink Booster capabilities that deliver industry-leading network performance.

Ericsson has developed AIR 3268 in partnership with British Telecom (BT) to meet the challenges of 5G. Throughout the development process, the ultralight radio has been designed for the Massive MIMO performance of the 5G mid-band to provide the benefits of simplicity of deployment and improved power efficiency.

Greg McCall, Managing Director of Service Platforms, BT Group, said: “The 3.5 GHz band and Massive MIMO technology are important to our 5G network strategy to deliver the best customer experience in urban areas. We continue to add capacity within our market-leading 5G coverage, but to maximize our ability to deploy this technology, we need to minimize the load on our site infrastructure. “

He adds: BT is delighted to be working with Ericsson on this product, which is less than half the size and weight of our current solution, reducing wind load at existing sites and offering the option of adding 3.5 GHz. Massive MIMO in new locations. Reducing energy consumption will help BT to achieve our ambition of sustainable development. “

David Hammarwall, Head of Radio Product Line at Ericsson, said: “We continue to revolutionize Massive MIMO with ultralight radios that enable easier site upgrades and more seamless midrange 5G deployments. The AIR 3268 expands radio site options, allowing service providers to strengthen their networks and deliver faster 5G speeds and response times. It is also energy efficient, which is important to us and our customers.

With its size and weight, the AIR 3268 will simplify site upgrades and new acquisitions, even in areas where congestion can be difficult. The new radio also supports Ericsson’s mini stand, providing lower overall weight and easier installations.

AIR 3268 joins the family of ultralight radios launched in February of this year. Like the rest of the company’s Massive MIMO radios, it is designed with Ericsson Silicon, providing real-time channel estimation and ultra-precise beamforming that improves coverage and user experience.

Ericsson also offers optimized site solutions with integrated transport for dense urban areas as part of its comprehensive portfolio of transport and site solutions.

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