Dr. Scott Jensen tells KNSI he is ‘humbled’ to receive GOP endorsement for governor

(KNSI) – Former State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen shares his thoughts on gaining the Republican Party’s endorsement in his bid for the gubernatorial race.

Jensen won the endorsement at the GOP convention in Rochester last weekend. In an interview with KNSI, Jensen said he felt “humbled” by this, adding, “I feel grateful. I feel a huge responsibility because I think there are so many Minnesotans out there that while they don’t hold a grudge against Governor Walz, they aren’t interested in defaming him. I think they just feel like he’s done. He has hesitated too often.

Jensen was a guest on KNSI’s Ox in the Afternoon program and said he felt he could win a statewide race because he understood where people were coming from.

“I actually have huge exposure all over Minnesota because I’ve lit the moon all over the state. I grew up in southern Minnesota. My mom graduated in northern Minnesota. So I think I need to do a better job of getting that message out there.

He says he will be a champion for miners, farmers, suburban families and urban communities. His running mate is former Minnesota Viking Matt Birk. The Minnesota Republican Party has not held the governorship since Tim Pawlenty was elected in 2008.

Primary elections will be held on August 9. General elections will be held on November 8.


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