Coronation Street’s Abi learns of Wendy’s sordid affair

Abi was overjoyed when, after a lapse of time that saw her gaping in front of the judge, she got a chance to prove herself as a mother. This meant she would move into a caregiver’s home for a while to be supervised with her child – and the foster family turned out to be Wendy Papadopoulos (Roberta Kerr).

Formerly known as Wendy Crozier, she was visibly uncomfortable when Abi revealed she was from Coronation Street; and tonight Abi learned exactly why!

As the two women took Alfie on a visit, Abi kissed her husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell), who remarked that Wendy looked familiar to him. Abi told her about Wendy’s odd behavior since they hit the cobbles, but it wasn’t until Abi met her friend Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) that the truth came out.

Tracy unleashed her famous fury (ITV)

Tracy was furious to see Wendy by her side and wasted no time in shouting abuse at her father’s former lover. Tracy warned Abi not to trust Wendy, before warning Wendy not to come back, issuing a final threat for good measure!

Abi failed to calm the situation as she stared at Tracy in shock; but she then questioned Wendy once back at the apartment. Wendy briefly described her past with Ken Barlow (William Roache), which longtime fans know dates back to the 1980s. Abi couldn’t believe her ears, but given the argument with Tracy, Wendy will have- Does she want to go back to the streets anytime soon?

There will surely be a moment when Ken will see his ex-lover, otherwise, let’s face it, what would be the point of the return of the character? So, will all hell break loose for Wendy?

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