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City of West Plains celebrates Public Electricity Week, October 3-9, with 78 members of the Missouri Home Town Electric Utility Alliance and more than 2,000 other electric utilities community-powered nonprofits that collectively provide electricity. to 49 million Americans.

“This year we are particularly celebrating the employees of the City of West Plains, the people behind the government,” said Jeff Hanshaw, Director of Public Works. “These people work tirelessly to keep our community operational 24/7. We are joining forces for a common goal: to keep West Plains powered.

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Hanshaw said the city’s electric utility workers pride themselves on serving their friends and neighbors for their basic energy needs. The electrical department has 12 employees and owns / maintains 176 miles of power lines that serve approximately 6,500 residential customers and 850 commercial and industrial customers. The city of West Plains is also building the largest municipal solar park in Missouri.

Public Power Week is an annual national event coordinated by the American Public Power Association. The American Public Power Association is the voice of community-owned nonprofit public services that power 2,000 cities across the country.

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