Baker Mayfield disputes report he may ask to be traded

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Baker Mayfield don’t take the high road.

In response to a report by Mary Kay Cabot from Cleveland Plain Dealer that Mayfield could ask to be traded due to issues with coach Kevin Stefanski, Mayfield went on the offensive, on Twitter.

Click bait“Mayfield said on Twitter.” You and many other local Cleveland media continue to be touching reporters without sources or facts. Don’t put words in my mouth so you can put food on your table. I am not your puppet.

Tackling the folks who cover the Browns for a living is a bold strategy, especially as the fanbase has become ambivalent at best about Baker. (My niece, who is as much of a Browns fan as there is, recently texted she was “so above Baker.”) From Mayfield’s perspective, whether he likes it or not an exchange due to problems with the coaching staff should be secondary. to the very real possibility that the Browns will decide they can do better than Baker at quarterback.

The Browns have embraced analysis in all aspects of football. This attitude necessarily includes making objective, rational and scientific decisions about the most important position on the ground.

It all comes down to the bird in the hand (and his cap number) versus anything else the Browns can do. They absolutely need to engage in this analysis, even if the end result is to retain Mayfield.

Mayfield has a tangy side to it, especially for a guy with zero skin on the wall. Typically, anything someone is willing to say or do publicly is praised in private.

Only the Browns know if they think Mayfield is the answer, for 2022 and / or beyond. Now may be the time to move on, whether or not Mayfield applies for a preventive trade.

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