Baby Shark Leads The Rise Of The Coin Meme


SINGAPORE, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The popularity of meme coins has increased astronomically, thanks to the public relations of billionaires who are passionate about crypto. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have made their voices heard on coins, raising awareness of coins more.

Recently, when Elon Musk sang “Baby Shark doo doo doo,” that singular act sparked an unprecedented rush for BBS as Crypto World rushed to buy the Baby Shark Finance coin.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an article about his pet goats with the appealing caption “My Goats: Max and Bitcoin,” that post caught the attention of crypto investors to Aqua Goat. A few hours after this article was published on May 11, the value of the Aqua Goat has increased by approximately 300%.

Alongside Crypto and Blockchain, Baby Shark had a glorious year in 2020. That year, Baby Shark’s song had over 8.5 billion views on YouTube. Let’s put this number into perspective: the world’s population is less than 8.5 billion. It is breathtaking. Thus, the coin has benefited from incredible views that continue to grow, hoping to reach 9 billion views very soon.

2020 has been a great year for Crypto and Blockchain. They have experienced the most explosive growth in technology. Their association with human activities has contributed significantly to their popularity. So, it goes without saying that Crypto and Baby Shark will be a formidable force to be reckoned with, possibly the biggest thing that has happened in 2021.

The popularity of the song Baby Shark serves as an inspiration for the creation of a Decentralized Financial Platform (DeFi) and an entertainment environment. It has also inspired the non-fungible tokenized (NFT) music market where users can enjoy many attractive features such as NFT Music Market, BBS Swap, Limited NFT Music Auction, NFT Musing Trend and Leaderboard and Baby Shark. Launchpad, among others.

BBS holders can reap many benefits. They can earn a commission for the NFT sold on the BBS NFT marketplace, a share of the profits made on the BBS entertainment platform, redeem BBS tokens using 80% of the profits of AMM DEX, as well as earn a 2% passive income for any transaction. they play on Baby Shark Finance.

The combination of the exploding crypto market and the power and popularity of Baby Shark will drive the acceptance and power of the project skyward.

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