Auburn Joins Other Local Cities To Track People With Alzheimer’s And Dementia Using Radio Locators – CBS Sacramento

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – A number of local towns are stepping up efforts to keep people with dementia safe.

One in nine people aged 65 and over lives with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, and six in 10 people with dementia will wander at least once. The town of Auburn is struggling to find a way to protect them.

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Bracelets that look like something you get at a concert or club are the latest technology used to track people with dementia like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Each bracelet acts as a transmitter.

“Each transmitter receives a different radio frequency,” said Lt. Bryan Morrison.

When someone is lost, the receiver can help ping the transmitter to locate them. Each bracelet has its own frequency and authorities can program each frequency into this receiver. Wristbands use radio frequency instead of GPS, as research has shown that there is less interruption with radio frequencies, given the different topographies.

It’s all part of the Lifesaver Project, which is funded by a grant from the Placer County Healthy Brain Initiative.

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“We go out and locate people whose relatives have these dementias and they apply for the program,” he said.

Natasha Stevens, of Placer County, said, “They’re going to fill in all the relevant information about the individual’s information: height, weight, habits. “

The goal is not only to find someone who has gone astray, but to find them quickly.

“Some of this research can go on for hours and hours and the idea behind this program is that if we are informed quickly by the gatekeepers, then we can activate these receptors and hopefully reduce that in less than 30 minutes.” , she said.

The less time it takes to find them, the better the chances that they will be okay.

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The technology is already in use at Citrus Heights, Folsom and Lincoln, which has 30 registrants and has seen a successful recovery.

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