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Glendale CA, July 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The OS.ME Online Community is an antidote to the negative effects of mainstream social media. Members of the OS.ME online community enjoy a positive, troll-free community where they can discover their hidden potential. This platform is designed to create a safe space where kind and positive people can come together and share their personal experiences related to personal development and spiritual awakening. The OS.ME online community is truly one of a kind, as it focuses on protecting its users from the acts of cyberbullying and harassment that are increasingly prevalent in the vast majority of online communities.

In the past, people believed that only teenagers were significantly affected by the toxicity of social media and other online platforms. However, just last year, an in-depth study by the Pew Research Center found that more than two-thirds of adults under the age of 30 had been victims of cyberbullying and harassment. Common features of online platforms (like anonymity) only encourage abusive verbal behavior and negativity propagated by trolls. The effects of these actions can last a lifetime, as evidenced by the over 37% of victims who reported developing social anxiety in the 2020 Annual Bullying Survey conducted by Ditch the Label, an anti-social charity. – Leading bullying based on statistics.

The growing trend of cyberbullying and harassment on online platforms is of great concern, especially since many people who join these platforms are actually looking to be inspired and connect with an online community. However, they often achieve the opposite with platforms like Instagram and Facebook where users often feel less good about themselves after joining. These online communities encourage people to portray idealized versions of themselves that cause others to wallow in the abyss of self-comparison and distance themselves further from their true selves. OS.ME, however, brings people closer to truth, openness, compassion, and their hidden potential.

OS.ME was built amidst the negativity of the online world, this platform has accomplished an incredible feat: become one of the only troll-free areas on the internet. By exclusively offering paid OS.ME members the ability to comment and interact with content, the platform has effectively filtered out those who might want to harass members online. This allows members to safely write about their experiences, offer advice to others, and share their own spiritual journeys. In short, OS.ME is a unique platform that’s free from cyberbullying and integrates only the best elements of online communities – new knowledge, personal stories, meaningful connections, and inspiring advice.

OS.ME Online Community Features:

  • Explore Om Swami’s wisdom on meditation, stories and topics of interest

  • Access exclusive Om Swami video content and recordings of special events

  • Share their own challenges, ideas and experiences

  • Receive regular updates and short, stimulating reads

  • Learn from others who share articles about their personal journeys

  • Access the free hotline for emotional support

  • Participate in member commentary discussions and wisdom discussions

  • Access the OS.ME platform anytime on any device

  • Read Om Swami’s eBook The art of meditation

Join the thoughtful and inspiring OS.ME community of paid members, where you can focus on your development in a secure online environment for just $ 2.99 per month. For more information on the OS.ME platform, visit

CONTACT: OS.ME Pheasant St Glendale CA 91206 United States


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