Amateur radio exchange meeting scheduled for Tuesday in Johnston


The Perry-based Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club invites local amateur radio operators and the public to attend a Amateur Radio Exchange on Tuesday, November 23 at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church at 6426 Merle Hay Road in Johnston.

The event promises to attract amateur radio operators from across Iowa to buy and sell used equipment. Commercial vendors will also be on hand to sell new amateur radio equipment.

Installation begins at 6 a.m. Masks are mandatory for all participants.

Amateur radio is a voluntary, non-commercial radio service established for the exchange of messages, for wireless experimentation advancing the technical aspects of radio, for sport and radio competitions, for international goodwill and for emergency communications.

Amateur radio operators use a variety of voice, text and data communication modes and have access to radio frequency allocations across the entire RF spectrum, enabling two-way communication across a city, region, between countries, continents and even in space.

It’s a fun hobby that offers endless learning opportunities for all ages.

Amateur radio operators must pass proficiency tests and be federally licensed
Communications Commission. Testing opportunities are offered locally on a regular basis. Over 700,000 amateur radio operators are licensed in the United States

The Hiawatha Amateur Club (HARC) is made up of amateur radio operators from the Perry area and greater Dallas County who focus on public service, fellowship, recruiting new amateur radio operators and promoting the pass. -time. Information on the organization is available on the HARC website.


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