Alibaba Provides Cloud Pin to Olympic Games for Media Professionals in Tokyo 2020


Cloud-based digital pin to provide additional secure social interactive functionality to IBC and MPC

TOKYO, July 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Alibaba Group, the Global TOP Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Unveiled the Alibaba Cloud Pin, a cloud-based digital pin, for broadcast and media professionals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The pin can be worn either as a badge or attached to a lanyard. The digital laptop is designed to allow media professionals working at the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and the Main Press Center (MPC) to engage with each other and exchange contact information on social media in a secure and interactive way during the next Olympic Games. between July 23 and August 8.


“The Olympic Games have always been an exciting event with opportunities for media staff to meet like-minded professionals. With these unprecedented Olympic Games, we want to use our technology to add exciting new elements to the Olympic pin tradition at the IBC and MPC while connecting media professionals and enabling them to maintain social interactions with a safe distance, ”said Chris Tung, Marketing Director of Alibaba Group. “As a proud global Olympic partner, Alibaba is dedicated to transforming the Games in the digital age, making the experience more accessible and ambitious. and inclusive for broadcasters, sports fans and athletes around the world. “

“Now more than ever, we seek to engage people around the world through our digital ecosystem and connect them with the spirit of Tokyo 2020 “, said Christophe carroll, Director of Digital Engagement and Marketing at the International Olympic Committee. “We are delighted to partner with Alibaba to support us in our digital transformation process and to help us strengthen our engagement ahead of the Olympics. “

Serving as a multi-functional digital name tag, the pin allows users to meet and greet each other, add people to their “friends list” and exchange daily activity updates, such as the number of steps and the number of friends created during the day. This can be done easily by tapping their pins together at arm’s length, keeping social distancing measures in mind.

Alibaba Cloud Pin Serves As A Multifunctional Digital Name Tag For Safe And Fun Social Interaction At IBC And MPC During Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Alibaba Cloud Pin Serves As A Multifunctional Digital Name Tag For Safe And Fun Social Interaction At IBC And MPC During Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The digital pins also include specific designs from each of the 33 sports on the Tokyo Program 2020, which can be unlocked through a list of fun tasks like making new friends. To activate the pin, users simply need to download a Cloud Pin app and pair it with the wearable device via its bluetooth function. This Olympic Games Cloud Pin will be given as a pledge to media professionals working at the IBC and MPC during the Olympic Games.

Custom artwork with designs inspired by 33 Olympic sports

Custom artwork with designs inspired by 33 Olympic sports

As an official partner of the CIO Cloud Services, Alibaba Cloud offers world-class cloud computing infrastructure and cloud services to help the Olympic Games digitize their operations to be more efficient, effective, secure and engaging for fans, broadcasters and athletes of Tokyo from 2020.

In addition to Tokyo 2020, Alibaba Cloud and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) launched OBS Cloud, an innovative streaming solution that runs entirely on the cloud, to help transform the media industry in the digital age.

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