ADMATIC celebrates 50/50 leadership balance with the arrival of Danni Sparkes

ADMATIC celebrates the expansion of its agency under joint leadership.

Independent media agency expanded to a range of new and existing APAC regions with teams under the leadership of the Managing Partner Sarah Melrose.

Appointed in 2019, Melrose previously held leadership roles in programmatic commerce and media management. Since joining the team in 2019, Melrose’s role has grown with the expansion of the business, acquiring Virgin Active (APAC), the University of Wollongong and energy provider ActewAGL based in Canberra.

The agency’s commitment to diversity is now marked by an increased representation of women in management, with the composition of management currently balanced 50/50 and hired solely on the basis of merit.

Melrose said: “Having a diverse and talented workforce is critical as we head into 2022, and I am all too aware of the imbalance between women in advertising in leadership positions. At last count, 61% of media agency employees are women, but only 34% are CEOs or managing directors.

“While action is being taken across the industry, Advertising Council Australia’s ‘Creating Space’ census will reveal whether we have made progress as an industry to close this gap. It is particularly important to highlight this on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Admatic’s recent wins have been marked this year by further expansion and the hiring of female leaders, with the official opening of a Canberra-based office headed by Chief Business and Media Officer, Danni Sparkeswho brings a lot of knowledge and experience in client-side marketing strategy.

Sparkes said, “Joining ADMATIC was an easy decision to make. I am delighted to bring the incredible media buying and programming capabilities of our national ADMATIC team to our clients here in the capital and surrounding areas of New South Wales.

ADMATIC’s new approach to corporate culture, championed by Melrose, offers a wide range of initiatives and something it is very proud of.

In addition to quarterly wellness days to promote positive mental health, ADMATIC offers fully flexible working, including a newly launched 9-day fortnight.

ADMATIC employees have the opportunity to adapt to compressed hours with no change in compensation for employees and for customers with no change in customer service or work performance, while benefiting from an additional day of rest scheduled once times a fortnight.

Melrose says, “Business leaders who aren’t adapting to flexibility shouldn’t be shocked to find that their workforce is looking for opportunities elsewhere this year. During the pandemic, people’s priorities have changed, lifestyles have changed, so it’s no surprise that employees are looking for alternative work models for even greater flexibility to suit their new lifestyle.

The benefit, especially for women with childcare needs, of a compressed work week is invaluable in providing an extra day at home, while working full time. Something Melrose hopes will attract and retain the best female talent in the industry.

Top image: Danni Sparkes (left) with Sarah Melrose (right)

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