A real diamond in community radio journalism


“Printed materials cannot go as far as roads and transportation, but in radio broadcasting with the flipping of the switch on radios, music and information flow. It is only fitting that a publication like the Bohol Chronicle and the enterprising journalists and writers behind it pioneer this most utilitarian endeavor called radio. -Former President Carlos Polestico Garcia

Now we can tell. Sixty years ago, DyRD-AM was created with the great support of Bohol’s most illustrious son, the late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia who was the outgoing President of the Philippines in 1961.

This was revealed by Negros Chronicle editor-in-chief Ely P. Dejaresco as the station celebrates its Diamond Jubilee this year.

A radio is born

“DyRD was designed because Bohol necessarily had to have a credible radio station,” he revealed.

“I remember we were in the car, a green Chevrolet, when news of President Magsaysay’s death aired on DYRC, Cebu’s popular radio station at the time. The regular journalist that he was, Dad almost braked knowing that the next Philippine president would be a Boholano and that it would be a historic milestone for Bohol. It would have been last minute news, but there was no effective radio station in Bohol at the time. ”

The seasoned reporter then recalled how they pioneered news casting in 1957, called BCBS or Bohol Chronicle Broadcasting System. “It was like cable TV today where we were connected by cables to Tagbilaran subscribers. “

From the wire casting system, the station switched to broadcasting in 1961 when Filipino incumbent Pres Garcia brought up the idea at Atty. Zoilo Dejaresco, who had long considered starting a radio station in Bohol. The rest is history.

Today, Station DyRD is penetrating the private spaces of Boholanos around the world through digital technology. Indeed, it has come a long way since the time it was founded by Bohol Chronicle publisher Atty. Zoilo Dejaresco, who immortalized the initials of his beloved wife Rosario “Charing” Dejaresco; hence the name “RD”.

With a permit from the Department of Public Works and Communications, DYRD opened with a power of 1000 watts, using imported turntables, Sears acoustic tiles and Roebuck Styrofoam, a state-of-the-art transmitter at the era and an iconic aerial tower. American engineers worked feverishly to complete the station.

Rolly Zabala, of DYSR and with experience in three stations in Manila, was the program director who lined up the crème de la crème of DYRD advertisers, like Luisa Bacquial, Fulgencio “Polin” Lopez, Alfonso Damalerio, Nena Saniel, Lina Gulle and Romana Darunday. Familiar names like Victoriano Tirol Jr., Alberto Payot and Oscar Cimagala followed suit.

Leader in the dissemination of local information

The early years of DYRD’s operation were a story of rapid change. He read the market well and delivered what listeners needed – music, news and public service. Letters and telegrams from Boholanos from as far away as Zamboanga to the south and Masbate to the north were landing in the station mail. Boholanos across the country were proud to have a radio that they could call their own.

From the start, Station DyRD has been the leader in delivering local news with people listening to the radio to get the latest headlines of the day.

“At 60, DyRD is not arthritic, he’s tough, strong, and the number 1 radio station in Bohol. And so, we pay homage to the founders. Most of who we are today is because of certain ideals that have been taught to us. Bohol Chronicle editor-in-chief Bingo Dejaresco highlighted the values ​​of hard work, integrity and reliability upon which the twin media company was founded.

Years of music and theater

Music lovers like the boholanos, Station DYRD is gaining popularity with the long-running Sunday program, Amateur Hour, held in Plaza Rizal, where talented talents like Emmanuel Dajao, Aunt Celian, Boy Lopez, Boy Campo, Baby Pilayre and even Onie Oclarit have become household names. Equally popular later was the Pasunding sa Kabataan at 4 p.m. every Sunday. Both shows never lack enthusiastic sponsors.

The 1960s were also the time of a cultural revolution strongly influenced by popular music. DYRD had to invest initially in the purchase of new discs in formats 45, 78 and 33.

AM radio station also aired radio dramas like “Ang Inyong Tiya Delly”, “Bakho sa Kasingkasing”, “Dra Mercedes Montinola” and “Pahid sa Kinabuhi”. Game shows like “Tigmo tigmo Agokoy” and Scrambola have been streaming for a long time. The station was also keen to cover sporting events.

Charity becomes a way of life with DyRD’s public service programs

Reaching out to those in need and helping those in desperation is a daily radio broadcast. Listening to DYRD, Boholanos all over the world feel close to their brothers and sisters in their home province. There is the feeling that “when you have a friend in need, you really have a friend”. Listeners express that by helping others they have enriched their own lives as well. It is therefore not surprising that companies and associations from here and elsewhere make DYRD’s public service programs vectors of their assistance and of their corporate social responsibility.

The interaction is most unique, as listeners pay attention to the heart-wrenching stories of other community members – exercising judgment on issues and concerns, freely distributing their comments and advice, and easily offering financial assistance. if needed.

Early in the morning and late at night, even before the show’s hosts arrive, those who urgently need money to buy drugs and those who request medical or other assistance knock on the doors of the station. radio DYRD, waiting in turn to go on the air and share their misfortunes with the public who listens to them.

The practice, however, had to be adjusted during the pandemic. However, charity has already become a way of life for boholanos. Thanks to the main community service programs of DyRD Inyong Alagad in the morning and Tagbilaran by Nite.

A partner in evangelization

Over the years, the station has been identified as a strong partner of the Diocese of Tagbilaran and the local church in evangelism as it features Masses, a daily Rosary on air and with extensive coverage of Lent and others. religious activities.

From the provinces to the whole world

In 1980 DYRD FM station was established and became the pioneer multiplex stereo station in Bohol and in 2001 DYZD AM station was installed in the city of Ubay, making DYRD a true province. In 2007, the station pioneered the latest webcasting technology, reaching Boholanos anywhere via the Internet.

For 60 years now, the radio station has not only provided news and entertainment, but also a place for people to voice their concerns and opinions.

“Every morning, when listeners choose DyRD to listen to all the radio stations in Bohol, Cebu or even Mindanao, they give you their mandate. While politicians are elected by their constituents every three years, for the media it is renewed by citizens every morning, every day, and every moment they choose the station. This was the message of veteran journalist Leo Lastimosa to DyRD on the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee.

DYRD not only widely reached the Boholanos everywhere, but also penetrated their homes. “We live as a family and an institution, and we would like to celebrate this milestone of our 60th anniversary with thanksgiving,” said Peter Dejaresco, President of the BCRC and Director of the radio station.

And when the media has become an integral part of the rhythm of daily life in the community where it thrives, it must have fulfilled the essence of what community journalism is.


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