A group of Iowa scientists tout the benefits of trees – KIWARadio.com

Statewide, Iowa – A group of scientists and researchers from 33 Iowa colleges and universities say trees can help Iowans cope with higher temperatures and intense rainfall expected in the decades to come.

Heather Sander, a professor at the University of Iowa, says that trees and forests absorb a huge volume of water.

Sander’s research focuses on urban ecosystems and she says the cooling effect of trees helps reduce electricity costs.

Jan Thompson, a professor at Iowa State University, said the derecho storms of August 2020 and December of last year destroyed many mature trees in Iowa – the trees she describes as the hardest workers. more determined to solve climatic problems such as heat and floods.

Thompson says Iowans need to pick up the pace of planting new trees.

This is the 12th year that the statewide faculty group has released a climate statement. Before planting a tree, the group recommends using the USDA Forest Service’s I-tree software to learn which tree species are best to plant in Iowa.

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