80 YEARS OF “HAMMING IT UP”: Muskegon Amateur Radio Club Celebrates Milestone Anniversary


In November 1941, the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council was established. 80 years later, the membership continues to grow and fill the amateur radio waves.

MUSKEGON, Michigan – Basically, what is a hobby?

It’s something that people are passionate about and that they use as a diversion, in a way.

A group of amateurs in Muskegon are celebrating 80 years of “show” and connect with other broadcasters around the world.

It was in November 1941, about a month before the attack on Pearl Harbor. A group of amateur radio operators decided to organize a picnic at Pioneer Park in North Muskegon. 68 people attended, and with it the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council was born.

“We have an incredible legacy,” said Tom Porritt, 75, and a member of the club since 1992. “It’s really an electronic progression from that time to today.”

The number of club members has not diminished much in 80 years. Today, he stands at 65 and includes amateur radio amateurs from all over Michigan.

“We actually have a clubhouse deep in the woods off Scenic Drive in North Muskegon,” Porritt added. “We have our monthly meetings there.”

Amateur radio is defined as the use of the radio frequency spectrum for the purposes of non-commercial message exchange, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radiosport, competition and communication communication. ’emergency.

“It’s extremely addicting,” said Rick Fyan, 65, and vice chairman of the board. “We have club members doing it 24 hours a day.”

The club is always looking for new members. They offer mentoring to help those interested get started, and you can take the test to get licensed at the clubhouse.

“None of the club’s founders are with us anymore, but it continues,” Porritt said. “Our goal is to increase the number of our members so that the next generation can continue for 80 more years. “

If you would like to learn more or become a member, click here and you will be redirected to the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council website.

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