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It is important that you are well prepared and have thought through everything before you borrow money from the bank or from the loan companies online.

Many realize that they have a great need for money and then they take up a consumer loan without further consideration. It’s almost the biggest mistake you can make. We give you information about things you need to know and keep in mind before you start the application.

Can the money be collected elsewhere?

Image result for What to Know Before You Seek LoansFirst of all, you should consider whether the money can be obtained from elsewhere. It could be from your parents or friends. If it is about 10,000 it will probably be possible and they will certainly be happy to get 1,000 extra back in interest. Although you have to be careful with money between friends and family!

If you make a loan of DKK 10,000 online, you will quickly pay more in interest. The question is then just about it is something you want to ask. Not everyone wants it easy.

As a student you will have the opportunity to make a student loan that may be possible. These alternatives are primarily relevant for less money needs.

Examine all your options

Another mistake many make is not exploring all possibilities. Alone on the web, there are over 15 different loan providers ready to help you.

The more you apply, the better your starting point for making the right loan. Whether it is the cheapest solution is your decision. But no matter what, it will be best with several loan offers to choose from.

Security behind the loan gives lower costs

Loans online are generally made without security and this means higher costs for you as a customer. You should therefore consider whether you should not put your car or home as collateral if the large loan amounts are involved.

Here we talk over DKK 50,000 where security will make a noticeable difference. It will only require you to talk to your own bank, as the online providers’ financing offers are unsecured.

Keep the priorities in order

Image result for What to Know Before You Seek LoansBorrowing money is ultimately about priorities. Whether what you want to buy is important enough and worth the money. Just as it is a priority if you start with the bank and only then do the opportunities search online.

Our clear recommendation is 2 things:

1. Never borrow more than you can repay and make sure it’s important.
2. Start by asking at the bank before applying for loans online.

We hope you can use our advice. In any case, it is important that you pay attention to these aspects if you want to avoid stupid decisions that can jeopardize your personal finances.

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