Student loans – How an SU loan works. See how much you can borrow in SU loans


Student life can be hard. In addition to having to deal with a myriad of new people and study assignments in batches, one must also use resources to maintain a healthy economy. If you experience financial challenges in your

Facts about SU loans

Student loans – or also called SU loans – are extremely popular and have gradually been for many years. However, there are actually fewer student loans than before, according to an article on . It may nevertheless be attractive to take out a loan if you find it difficult to get the economy connected.

Below we give you some notable facts about the loan type:

  • The student loan is financed by the state
  • The student loan is available in three different versions (normal and extended and final loan)
  • The student loan can only be taken up by students during education
  • The student loan is free during the study period (no interest or repayment during this period)
  • The student loan is cheaper than most other types of loans
  • The student loan cannot be admitted during leave etc.

Then you became a little wiser on the student-friendly loan.

In the next section you will be able to read a little more about the three different loan versions.

The three editions of the student loan

As you are already familiar with, you can choose from three different versions of the student loan. We would like to tell you about these below:

• Normally student loans – You can borrow up to DKK 3.116 per month (anyone can apply for this loan)

• Extended student loan – You can borrow up to DKK 1,559 + DKK 3,116 per month (only parents can apply for this loan – you may be included in the definition of a parent)

• End loan – You can borrow up to DKK 8,039 a month (reserved for persons on a higher education without more SU back – can be admitted within the last 12 months of the program)

Who can get student loans? You will find the answer to the question above.

All students can thus borrow up to DKK 3,116 per month, just as many students may be approved for an extended student loan or a final loan. For example, you have the opportunity to borrow extra money if you need to support one or more children during your education. It is not so uncommon to have children at school age.

Note that the above rates only apply in 2018 – in 2019 there may be some completely different rates. You can advantageously keep this informed if you are interested in knowing how much money you can borrow.

Advantages and disadvantages of a student loan

As a student, you get a lot of loan benefits – well to note very exclusive benefits. You can borrow cheaper than the average Dane. This is due to the fact that the state has chosen to take students into consideration and their often pressured economy. However, there are of course not only benefits from a student loan. In the section, we will review some of the most talked about advantages and disadvantages of the loan type.


It’s cheap – A student loan is in all likelihood the cheapest loan on the market. At least, it is considerably cheaper than most consumer loans and quick loans . You can. Compare interest rates and fees on the different types of loans to become aware of the actual savings. It is not small money that you can save by choosing one type of loan for the benefit of the other.

• Unique flexibility – High flexibility is another advantage of the student loan. You decide for yourself which months you want to borrow money. For example, you can request financial support during the months of October, November, and December, which often offer extra high personal expenses due to Christmas, etc.

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• No repayment in study time – A third advantage is that you do not have to pay repayments during the study period. This gives you air in the budget as you do not have to set aside money for debt settlement as long as you are under training. This advantage is very unique.

• Easy administration – You can easily manage your student loan via, where you can also fill in your personal loan plan. Here you can state when you want to get the money paid out. Access the platform via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.


• Increased risk of increasing consumption – A relatively large disadvantage of getting more money between hands is that you will typically be more inclined to put up your consumption. This is a big challenge, as you probably won’t keep having that much money for consumption. Therefore, you should not put your consumption up unnecessarily.

• Challenges of finding money for repayment – Of course, a student loan must be repaid just like any other loan. The only difference is that you can delay your repayment in xx months or years. It can be especially difficult to find money for the repayment if one does not succeed in finding a job after graduation. Here it is important that you have an emergency plan. Otherwise, your finances might fall.

Government Administration Student Loans – How to borrow

The Government Administration and Payments Denmark is tasked with processing loan applications from students in need of financial assistance.

To be considered for a loan, visit, where you are initially asked to log in. You can then apply for the desired loan. A few weeks later, you will receive a response to your loan application. If the application is approved, you must log in to your account, where you must complete your loan plan and thus approve the loan finally.

It is alpha and omega that you familiarize yourself and not least with the different deadlines for application and submission of loan plans, respectively. As a rule, it takes between 2 and 4 weeks to process a loan application. If you go longer than 4 weeks, you can rightly grab your student counselor.

After the loan has been approved and paid out, you can find all the information about your personal loan, including information on loan costs, maturity, etc. on the aforementioned website.

Other options for borrowing for the studio

SU loans have no doubt come to stay. However, this does not mean that there are no other loan options for students . In fact, there are many other ways to borrow money, whether you need money for new study books, deposit for rental housing, furniture or something entirely fourth. For example, you can record a consumer loan or quick loan.

Besides being able to borrow you can also consider getting a student job. However, you must be aware of the applicable rules for how much you have to earn beside SU . There are quite clear rules around that. You should also check up on whether you receive the right SU. For that reason, remember to check if you can get a supplement to the basic rate. You will find answers to this .

Let’s look at the half-length list of alternative loan options:

  • Consumer
  • payday loans
  • Bank loans
  • family loan
  • Mobillån

Are you in doubt about how much money you owe for your possible student loan? Then visit the following website regarding student debt . You can both see and correct the payment of your student debt online. Apply for a state-guaranteed student loan today and get it paid out within a few weeks.