Are you interested in learning more about how to get loans for protestors without giving a fifth ? You’re in the right place.

We at the team have prepared for you the most complete guide, updated in September 2018 , on loans dedicated to those who have suffered a protest alternative to the sale of the fifth.

But how to find loans to protestors and bad payers without the assignment of the fifth salary?

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Why do not you want the assignment of the fifth?

First, you should try to summarize why you do not want the assignment of the fifth .

In fact, if you have the chance to get closer to this kind of financing , but you prefer not to do it because you think it’s a complex and expensive practice, you should try to reassure your every fear.

Nowadays, loans with the transfer of the fifth are paid in a few days and with completely automated procedures.

And, moreover, you can be granted at economic and rate conditions that are often even cheaper than ” normalpersonal loans !

Of course, the speech is very different if you can not access this opportunity.

Also in this case, the motivations can be numerous: for example, your pension or salary may not be considered suitable for following up with a transfer of the fifth (perhaps, because it is a disability pension, not subject to a transferable quota, or a salary paid by a small company in crisis); again, you may have already taken advantage of the assignment of the fifth and, therefore, you no longer have the opportunity to resort to this useful tool.

Delegated loan

Image result for delegated loaNHaving introduced the foregoing, we try to clearly illustrate the main possibilities of debt with a loan for protestors without assignment of the fifth .

A reference point, in this area, is certainly aimed at granting loans , or loans with proxy .

This is a loan also known by the name of ” double fifth “, and that follows precisely the characteristics of the assignment of the fifth salary, joining his “colleague” most famous, and thus generating the overall deduction of two fifths in the paycheck .

The proxy loan can only be requested by employees who have already had the deduction of the fifth salary, can not proceed with the renewal of the assignment or, still, do not consider sufficient the amount obtained with the sole assignment of the fifth salary.

Regarding the loan changed

Image result for delegated loaNLoan is also a common and intuitive form of financing. From the name it should be understood that it is a loan that is repaid through the payment of bills.

The presence of bills of exchange is not the only guarantee that the bank or the financial company will require in order to be able to follow the disbursement of a changed loan: if the bills are very useful tools to be able to recover on the debtor much more quickly than as with “normal” loans, it is also true that bills of exchange are certainly not a good enough insurance to reassure the bank of what will happen once the money is given.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the credit institution will require other forms of additional collateral, such as the guarantor / endorsement of another person, such as your parent.

Loans between individuals

Another form of loans for protestors without a transfer of the fifth is that of private loans.

This is a segment of funding that is experiencing a new phase of development thanks to the presence of portals of ” social lending ” (that is, just private loans!), And that deserves some clarification, although rapid.

The loan between individuals will certainly allow you to get around all the obstacles related to the use of bank channels, but be careful what you sign, and under which conditions you are in debt.

Our advice is certainly to sign a written contract only after having it viewed by an expert, which will certainly protect you from the risk of making mistakes that you could pay dearly.

Loans from the employer

Many employers have within their company a series of financial services that allow them to provide advances on subsequent salaries .

Try to ask for this information in your company: it is a very useful and convenient form, which will save you a lot of interest compared to what you would have to do with a bank loan.

Even if not all employers are equipped in this sense … try not to hurt!

Do you have any doubts about personal loans to protestors without a fifth transfer? Questions? Ask in a comment and Marco Germanò or our team of experts will answer you in the day!

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